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Source Audio SOLEMAN

MIDI Foot Controller

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Stock coming soon - pre-order available

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Stock coming soon - pre-order available

Product Description

Source Audio SOLEMAN

MIDI Foot Controller

The SOLEMAN is a versatile, highly configurable hardware and software MIDI controller housed in a durable, compact package. It has two hardware MIDI outputs, which allow it to interface with any hardware that adheres to the MIDI standard.

It also has a USB-MIDI interface for direct control of MIDI-compatible software such as DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), virtual instruments, synths, or VST plugins. The four footswitches scroll through scenes, launch individual MIDI messages, step through set lists, or trigger highly customizable MIDI macros.

An external switch port allows for two additional footswitches to make navigation more convenient. The expression input allows the user to use a passive expression pedal to generate MIDI continuous controller messages in a very flexible manner, providing direct expressive control over MIDI-compatible devices and software.

The SOLEMAN’s high-contrast LCD is visible in light conditions ranging from a dark stage to direct sunlight. It displays relevant information about scenes, set lists, MIDI configuration, expression outputs, and other modes.

Main Features:

  • MIDI Controller
  • USB-to-MIDI interface with class-compliant USB drivers – for plug-and-play use with DAWs on MAC and Windows computers
  • Supports Preset/Scene naming for simple navigation
  • Simple yet intuitive user interface with 4 Footswitches, control buttons and high contrast OLED display
  • 3 operational modes
    • Scene mode – matches the operation of most MIDI controllers for scrolling through 128 Scenes in order
    • List Mode – allows for 64 custom scene lists, of 90 scenes each in any order
    • Panel Mode: most powerful and flexible mode – allows each footswitch to send completely customizable MIDI messages
  • 5-pin MIDI IN and 2x MIDI OUT
  • 5 mm TRRS Expansion port – for adding an additional two-footswitch controller to make navigation more convenient
  • 5 mm TRS port for connecting a Tap Tempo switch for creating on-the-fly MIDI Clock messages
  • USB Mini
  • Including 3.5 mm TRRS Daisy Chain/Sensor Cable for use with Source Audio One Series pedals
  • Compact form factor
  • Powered by 9V DC power supply or 5V DC USB power(2.1 mm plug, center -, 70 mA current draw)

SOLEMAN User Modes:

  • Scene Mode: In Scene Mode, the SOLEMAN steps through programs in sequential order and outputs Program Change messages, Note On messages, or Macros. Program Change messages are enabled by default. This is the simplest mode of operation and matches the functionality of most basic MIDI controllers. This mode works very well with Source Audio’s Neuro Hub, as a way to recall Scenes. Scenes are basically a way of storing preset information for multiple effects pedals in the same system, with the benefit of being able to save and recall those presets all at the same time with a single program change message.
  • List Mode: List Mode is similar to Scene Mode in many ways: scenes can be selected using the Previous and Next footswitches, and each scene will output (by default) a corresponding MIDI Program Change message. The advantage of List Mode is that the user has control of the order of the Scenes. Users can create up to 64 custom Lists, each containing up to 90 Scenes.
  • Panel Mode: Panel Mode is the most powerful and flexible operating mode of the SOLEMAN. In Panel mode, each footswitch is capable of sending a completely customizable MIDI message (or group of multiple MIDI messages) when it is activated as well as a different MIDI message (or group of multiple MIDI messages) when it is deactivated. This allows the user to create a control surface that is highly customized for their specific use case.


Additional information

Weight 0,73 kg
Dimensions 38 × 12 × 6,4 cm

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