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Source Audio SPECTRUM Intelligent Filter

Advanced Stereo Filter

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Stock coming soon - pre-order available

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Stock coming soon - pre-order available

Product Description

Source Audio SPECTRUM Intelligent Filter

Advanced Stereo Filter

The SPECTRUM Intelligent Filter is the most powerful stereo filter effect pedal ever created. Building on almost 15 years of filter pedal technology and know-how, SPECTRUM is the culmination of Source Audio’s finest envelope sounds and best thinking on how to easily incorporate those sounds into rigs of all types. The pedal not only features finely crafted envelope filter effects inspired by some of the most iconic and sought-after effects pedals on the market, it also includes buzzing, synth-like octave/distortion/filter effects. The pedal is a cleverly integrated, all-in-one funk/psych/electronic/jam machine. Whether you want to easily plug and play with its six carefully crafted factory sounds, browse the ever-growing Neuro library for additional sounds created by Source Audio and other SPECTRUM owners, or use the Neuro’s deep sound editing tools to create your own highly personalized presets, this filter pedal will satisfy the needs of any guitar, bass, keyboard, horn, or (insert your instrument here) player.

Main Features:

  • Stereo Filter effects pedal
  • Supreme tracking with imperceptible latency and 2 pitch detection modes designed for either ultra-fast tracking when playing fast or high accuracy tracking when playing slow
  • 25 filter effects – including low-pass, band pass, multi-pole and comb filtering
  • 11 envelope followers with adjustable attack decay or ADSR triggering
  • 14 different LFO Wave Shapes – to control filter modulation, vibrato or tremolo effects
  • 13 types of distortion – from subtle drive to extremely fuzzy foldback
  • Dual filter effects – capable of running 2 envelope filters simultaneously or individually, each with their own response and filter type
  • Second layer knob function accessible via Alt-Switch
  • Deep customization features accessible via Source Audio Neuro App and Desktop Editor
  • 6 onboard presets in 2 banks and 128 presets accessible via MIDI
  • Stereo Inputs and outputs – for multiple advanced routing options
  • Mini USB Port for PC connectivity (Windows and Mac compatible) and remote control
  • 3.5 mm control port – for connecting compatible Source Audio control devices
  • Selectable Relay True or Buffered Bypass Switching
  • Included 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm TRS cable to connect to mobile device
  • Powered by (included) 9V DC power supply(2.1 mm plug, center -, 165 mA current draw)

The SPECTRUM Intelligent Filter was designed with special attention given to the simple plug-and-play experience. Right out of the box the pedal offers easy access to tones inspired by some of the most iconic and difficult to find envelope filters effects pedals on the market. It also offers synth-like tones comprised of distorted octave and envelope phaser sounds. Because of the pedal’s ALT button, the SPECTRUM’s four knob control surface actually offers access to eight different parameters.

Use the SPECTRUM’s Input Gain, Sensitivity and Speed controls to dial in the perfect envelope response for your needs. Maybe you like a slow and smooth envelope movement while you really dig-in on the strings, or possibly you want a quick moving filter that responds to light picking – either way is achievable with the SPECTRUM. The Frequency, Resonance, Depth and Mix controls provide fine control over the color and character of your filter effects. Whatever your needs, the SPECTRUM is the most comprehensive filter effects pedal available.

On the surface, the SPECTRUM Intelligent Filter features a simple 4-knob interface and a choice of six amazing guitar/bass envelope filter effects – just plug-in and play. If you want to take things to take things a bit further, we urge that you connect the SPECTRUM to our Neuro Preset Editing & Browsing tools. Inside Neuro you will find the tools to create your own one-of-a-kind envelope tone.

Use the SPECTRUM’s collection of two parallel filter voices, octave up or down effects, and distortion to dial in that perfect tone. The Neuro also offers a growing collection of additional envelope filter presets created by the Source Audio team as well as the ever-expanding community of SPECTRUM users – just touch the screen to open a preset in your SPECTRUM. If you like what you hear, hit the BURN button and upload the preset to any of the pedal’s six toggle switch positions.


Additional information

Weight 0,45 kg
Dimensions 16,5 × 15,7 × 6,4 cm

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