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KMA Audio Machines Horizont Phaser – Stereo Demo

Guitar and Synth demo of KMA Audio Machines new intergalactic space rider, the Horizont Interdimensional Multispatial JFET Phaser.

With the Horizont, KMA Audio Machines have taken their classic Astrospurt Phaser and poured everything they’ve learned through the years into it. Sporting a classic 4-stage phaser circuit, emphase toggles which lets you change the EQ of the phasing, Envelope modes, expression in and tap tempo for dynamically controlled phasing and filter sweeps, plus stereo outs for hypnotic panning phaser sounds, the Horizont truly is a new interdimensional spaceship that’s ready to tear a hole in the spacetime continuum.

*This demo is in stereo – Please use headphones or proper speaker system for the best possible sonic experience*

Gear used:
Fender US Telecaster
Korg MicroKorg Synthesizer
Hypnotised Generative Music App by Opal Limited for iPhone
KMA Audio Machines Horizont Phaser
KMA Wurm Distortion
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run Delay/Reverb V2
EarthQuaker Devices Westwood Overdrive
EarthQuaker Devices Aqueduct Vibrato
Old Blood Noise Dark Star V2
Old Blood Noise Procession Reverb V2
Old Blood Noise Flat Light Textural Flange Shifter
Old Blood Noise Mondegreen Delay
Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 RI mic’d with an Aston Spirit
Peavey Classic 50 212 mic’d with an Aston Origin

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Interdimensional Multispatial JFET Phaser

2.169,00 DKK


HM-2 Style High-Gain Distortion

1.499,00 DKK

Avalanche Run V2

Stereo Reverb & Delay with Tap Tempo

3.199,00 DKK


Translucent Drive Manipulator

1.789,00 DKK


True-pitch Vibrato

1.999,00 DKK

Dark Star

Pad Reverb Pedal

1.649,00 DKK


Sci-Fi Reverb Pedal

1.738,00 DKK

Flat Light

Flanger Pedal

1.659,00 DKK


Weird Delay Pedal

1.869,00 DKK

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