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Compressor / Filter

1.333,00 DKK

In stock and available

In stock and available

Product Description


Compressor / Filter

Kinematic is a Greek based word (Κίνημα), which describes motion – of points, bodies or systems of bodies, without the consideration of the forces that cause them to move.

The Dreadbox KINEMATIC is a VCA based Compressor and an Envelope Filter effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers, with eurorack compatibility.

This is not all however – KINEMATIC features an integrated drive circuit that can add soft overdrive up to big, fat distortion to your sound.

The Envelope Filter provides a slow envelope curve that can be used as Auto Wah or Low Pass Filter, while the Compressor offers a substantial level boost in addition to providing soft to limiting brickwall-style compression.

Its three patch points grant CV control over the Filter and Level knobs and provide you with an EG output, making the KINEMATIC a perfect device for synth fans.

Main Features:

  • Compressor / Filter Effects Pedal
  • Fully Analog VCA based Compressor – offers Level Boost up to +18dB
  • Envelope Filter with slow Envelope curve useable as Auto Wah or Low Pass Filter
  • 2 modes of operation
    • COMP COLOUR – Compressor with Frequency Booster
    • ENV FILTER – 12 dB Low Pass Filter with Auto Wah
  • Integrated post Diode Overdrive Circuit – adds drive in the end of the circuit
  • Extreme compression ratio for brickwall style limiting compression
  • 3 patch points to interact with modular and CV gear
    • FILTER – accepts CV to control the Filter at +/- 5V
    • LEVEL – accepts CV to control the Filter at +/- 5V
    • EG OUT – sends out the Envelope Generator at 0-7V
  • Silent CMOS Buffered Bypass Switching
  • Powered by opt. 9V DC power adapter
    (2.1 mm, center -, 85 mA current draw)

Additional information

Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 6,7 cm

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