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Music of ThePedalZone 2023

Super-Cut of 2023’s demo compositions

Many of you have asked for it, so here you are… A collection of demo compositions from the videos I’ve done this year. There’s something for everyone, grungy gainy goodness, ambient reverberation and soaring soundscapes. Whether you use my music for relaxation, listening or inspiration, here’s close to an hour of music for your pleasure.

I always enjoy doing these compositions, and the support from ThePedalZone’s community is unparalleled. I get to do what I love, while inspiring others to pick up the guitar. Thank you for yet another inspirational year.

Guitars and Synths:
Baum Wingman
Harley Benton JA-60
Jennings Navigator
Squier Jazzmaster Baritone
Tonefox Elcaster
Yamaha VSS-30
Korg SQ-1 Sequencer
Arturia Microfreak

Beautiful Noise Effects Endless Sleeper
Beautiful Noise Effects Exploder
Beautiful Noise Effects When The Sun Explodes
Caroline Guitar Co Hawaiian Pizza Fuzz
Caroline Guitar Co Icarus V2 Overdrive
Collision Devices TARS
Diamond Pedals COMP/EQ
Diamond Memory Lane Delay
Diamond Tremolo
Dreadbox Darkness Reverb
EarthQuaker Devices Aqueduct
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run V2 Delay/Reverb
EarthQuaker Devices Ledges Reverb
EarthQuaker Devices White Light Reissue Overdrive
Intensive Care Audio Fideleater
Intensive Care Audio Death Drive
Jackson Audio Bloom Compressor
Jackson Audio Fuzz
Jackson Audio Golden Boy Overdrive
Jackson Audio New Wave Chorus/Vibrato
Keeley Electronics Parallax Spatial Generator Delay/Reverb
KMA Machines Chief Disruptor Fuzz
KMA Machines Mandrake Octo Shrieker
KMA Machines Wurm 2 Distortion
Meris LVX
Meris Mercury7
Meris MercuryX
Old Blood Noise Endeavors BL-37 Reverb
Old Blood Noise Endeavors BL-82 Chorus
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Beam Splitter
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Float
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Screen Violence
Source Audio Collider Stereo Delay/Reverb
Source Audio Nemesis Delay

Amps and Software:
Boss IR-200
Hamstead Artist 20 RT Combo
Toontrack Ezdrummer3

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Modular Reverb System

5.299,00 DKK


Digital Bucket Brigade Delay

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1.319,00 DKK


Stereo Reverb

1.969,00 DKK

Screen Violence

Stereo Saturated Modulated Reverb

2.569,00 DKK


Stereo Analog Chorus / Vibrato

2.799,00 DKK

Beam Splitter

Automatic Triple Tracker Distortion

2.019,00 DKK


Modulated Delay and Reverb

2.019,00 DKK


Advanced Classic Optical Tremolo

2.179,00 DKK

COLLIDER Stereo Delay+Reverb

Stereo Dual Reverb and Delay

3.349,00 DKK

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